Free Shipping! On all orders over $100.
Free Shipping! On all orders over $100.
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Hi there - Bernie here,

I understand your need to have comfortable, professional scrubs that don’t take ages to arrive.

Medical professionals are a busy bunch - there’s no time to mess around shopping for scrubs. But, at the same time, we have to be dressed properly to tackle the job at hand.

Take my ancestors for instance, they spent hundreds of years saving weary travellers from the treacherous, snowy conditions of the St Bernards pass. They were the first responders of their time.

But one day their owners started cross-breeding them with other dogs to make their fur longer & protect them from the cold. Instead, ice formed on the longer hair & weighed them down until they couldn’t perform their rescue missions anymore.

Boom - made redundant, just because they no longer had the right garb.

I'm here to make sure this fate never befalls you. Got a new job & need some scrubs stat? Duke of Scrubs has got you covered. Current uniform getting old & in need of a refresh? Look no further!

Don't forget - Duke of Scrubs is based in Melbourne & ships Australia wide, offering free freight for orders over $100.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

All the best, Bernie.