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Garment Care Guide: 6 ways to make your scrubs last longer

If you’re working in the medical profession, you know how important it is to have scrubs that are clean & presentable. However, maintaining this standard can quickly become difficult as constant laundering causes your scrubs to wear out quickly meaning they need to be replaced more often than you (or your bank account) would like.

Save yourself time & money using these tips to help you to prolong the life of your scrubs:  

1. Buy quality

The first step in ensuring your scrubs will last well is to buy items that are high quality & durable from the outset. Choose garments that contain some polyester or rayon in their fabric as these fibres are strong & will last longer than an item made entirely of natural fibres such as cotton.

2. Get the first wash right

When you purchase a new set of scrubs give them a wash in cold to warm water with ½ a cup of white vinegar (instead of washing detergent). The vinegar acts as a natural disinfectant & will also help to set the colour of your scrubs, reducing fading down the line.

3. Read the care instructions

You’d be surprised how many people don’t read their garments care instructions & end up accidentally damaging their clothing. To make your scrubs last as long as possible follow the instructions carefully as they may vary from item to item.

4. Tackle tough stains before washing

If your scrubs have gotten stained in specific areas throughout the day, spot clean those stains before putting the garment in the wash.

If you try to treat stains by placing the whole garment in the washing machine with harsh chemicals the fabric will deteriorate quickly.

5. Turn them inside out

Before you place your scrubs in the washing machine, be sure to turn them inside out. This will help to prevent pulls, pilling or abrasions that may result from rubbing against other garments & keep the outside of your scrubs looking fresh & professional.  

6. Dry with caution

If you dry your scrubs on an outside washing line, ensure they are turned inside out as prolonged exposure to the sun can result in uneven colour fading.

If chucking your clothes in the dryer is more your speed, double check to ensure there are no stains remaining on your scrubs before you put them in. Any stains that are on your clothes when they go in the dryer will be set into the fabric by the heat & become almost impossible to get out.

That said, when clothing is used & cleaned as frequently as scrubs are, wear & tear is inevitable & unfortunately, they will likely wear out faster than your average piece of clothing. That is why at Duke of Scrubs we offer high quality scrubs at low prices so that you can feel free to replace your items when they are in need of a refresh!