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How to work out your size

The sizing information given on this website uses "The Garment Measurement Method". This means the measurements provided are taken from garments rather than directly from the body. Please follow the steps below to work out your size.

1. Take an equivalent style garment that you currently wear & feel comfortable in, ie. if you are measuring to find your size for a business shirt, don’t use a tee shirt or jacket, use a business shirt.

2. Consider the fabric of the garment you are measuring & the garment you are purchasing. Check that the fabrics have a similar amount of stretch as this can impact the fit.

3. Once you have selected your measurement garment ensure it fits well & is comfortable as your new garment will be very similar in fit.

4. Lay the selected measurement garment flat on a table & measure the reference points indicated on the sizing guide.

5. Be mindful of the measurement scale in the chart, ie. do the measurements use cms or inches? Make sure your tape measure is using the same measurement scale.

6. Jot down the measurements you have found for each reference point.

7. Look at the sizing guide & find the measurements that are most similar to yours. This will tell you what size you are based on the cut of the garment & the fit you prefer.

8. If you’re between sizes it’s usually best to go for the larger option.